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Ring Sizing - How It Works

Help! I want to buy one of your rings but I don't know my size!

Don't worry. You do not need to know your size to order one of my rings. When selecting your ring size, simply select "I don't know (send me a size guide)" as shown below:

Request Ring Sizer Image

I will then send you a free ring sizer in the post. Depending on the design, I can often make a start on your ring before knowing the exact size, so very little time is wasted.

The plastic ring sizer is incredibly easy to use. To get your size, simply loop the sizer onto your desired finger and tighten until you find a comfortable size that fits you. Be sure the sizer can be slid on and off your finger comfortably. Remember, that your fingers can change size slightly depending on temperature and time of day, so you may wish to take the average of a few measurements. If you are at all unsure how to read it, just send me a picture of the sizer on your finger.

If you haven't quite decided on a design yet, you can order a ring sizer on it's own for £10 and get a free gift card for £10 off your next order, making it an accurate way to check your size without any additional cost.

You can order a ring sizer on it's own here:

Help! I know my ring size but it is a number and your options are letters!

Different countries have different conventions for naming different ring sizes. For example, the UK and Australia use letters where most other places use different numbering systems. Fortunately, it is usually easy to convert from one sizing convention to another. To do so, you can use the table below.
But If you prefer, I can simply make your ring to the size you already know. When selecting the size, just select "I don't know (send me a size guide)" and send me an email letting me know your size (e.g. "US Size 10") and I will make it to that - no conversion needed.
Ring Size Chart