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About me

Who is Gravity Silver?
Hi. I'm Jake. I have a small workshop in Lincolnshire where, (other than a few vintage pieces) I make all the designs which you can see on this site. 
I have been a self taught hobbyist jeweller for a long time, opened an Etsy shop about 5 years ago and have now launched this website. 

I first got into jewellery by buying cheap pieces on ebay and reselling them for a small profit. Every now and again, I'd get some damaged items in a bulk lot and, eventually, I thought I'd have a go at repairing it. That went well and I found that I actually really enjoyed it. So that got me thinking that instead of buying pieces to sell on, I could create my own designs.

As time went on, I collected all sorts of tools for the different areas & techniques of jewellery making. To begin with, many of these were home made. I managed to bodge together a wax injector, vacuum chamber and kiln to allow me to experiment with casting. Eventually, I decided to invest in more professional, convenient (& reliable!) versions.

My latest acquisition is a small lathe to allow me to make more complex wooden ring designs. 

To contact me to discuss any specific requirements, you can do so using the details below:

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Text or WhatsApp: 07845 004476